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Topic: 7 Things You Should Never Do When Beginning a New Job

So you have landed your dream job in a charity for a cause you feel very strongly and passionately about and you are ready to go out there and make the world, or at least some part of it, a better place for everyone. What you need to understand is that charity organizations have a similar interpersonal dynamic and inner workings that you would find in most “conventional” jobs. Yes, everyone is united by a common goal and the desire to help others however this does not mean that you can behave any way you want to and just pull your weight work wise. Most will agree that getting the job is the hardest part however you do need to make a good impression and get along with your new colleagues to make your time, and the time of everyone around you, less stressful and more productive.

Here are a few things you should avoid at your new job:

Being Late

Nowadays a lot of companies and organizations have flexible working hours so this might not be a big deal but just to be on the safe side make sure you are on time, at least until you get to know the company culture about office hours. Are you looking for a website that writes essays? For those first few trips, it is recommendable to leave your house a little bit earlier than objectively required to avoid any possible obstacles like if you miss a train station or get stuck in a traffic jam. Arriving early gets you a bit of extra free time to get to know the new place or socialize with your new colleagues.

Come unprepared

Learn as much as you can about your new role and try to remedy any gaps in knowledge that your new position may require. Learn as much as you can and get all the help you can!

Refusing help

Assume that everyone around you is super busy because that is most probably true so when someone offers their time and energy to you don`t pass up the opportunity. Every place is unique and even if there are similarities with your old job it is certainly not the same, even if you are an expert in the area for which you were brought in you will need some time and help to get you up to speed. If you are an inexperienced newcomer, then you will need all the help you can get!

Suggesting changes from day 1

As a new team person, you will definitely bring a fresh perspective to your new environment, however, don`t be overeager to try and change how things work in your early days. Just imagine how you would feel if a stranger walked into your apartment and just started to move things around.

Being anti-social

When you are starting out engaging your coworkers is maybe the most important thing you can do. Don`t be afraid to join your new team at lunch or invite coworkers for a cup of coffee.

Not asking questions

Everyone is afraid to ask questions when just starting out and being new at work. You are afraid that you will ask something stupid or unnecessary and you most probably will, but it shouldn`t stop you at all. Ask anything that you are curious or uncertain about. People in your team will understand that you are just trying to understand your new workplace in order to perform as best as you can.

Afraid to say I can`t

When starting out you will be eager to prove your worth as soon as possible and this can land you in a tough situation. In today`s extremely fast paced world nobody will be willing to hold your hand and ease you in slowly into your new position. Most likely, after a short “honeymoon” period you will be given assignments just as any other team member. You need to be able to say “I can`t do this yet” when a task is above your head. If you keep quiet and accept it there is a good chance you will be really slow or even worse not be able to finish at all which would slow down everyone around you since they need to clean your mistakes.

By following these few points stated in the text above your adjustment period will be shorter and less stressful. This will give you the opportunity to focus solely on work and to fully contribute to the goals of your new organization!